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Funeral Care Scheme

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Funeral Plan Membership Cost

What help does our care scheme offer

  • It would help avoid family members/relatives bearing the financial burden of the funeral cost.
  • It would help to ease and support the relatives of the deceased during a distressing time.
  • It would ensure that the funeral is in accordance with the Shariah (Islamic Law).

What help does our care scheme offer

  • Care Scheme covers the funeral Services of all the named contributors or dependants under 16 years in the scheme contract
  • Under 16 years dependant – free of charge if listed under contributor contract
  • Removal of the deceased from the Hospital/House/Care Home to Swansea Mosque
  • Mortuary
  • Ghusl - washing of the deceased
  • Shrouding of the deceased
  • Purchase of burial plot for the deceased
  • Transportation (does not include hearse) to the burial site is limited to within Swansea Local Authority
  • Includes repatriation – may incur additional cost


     We will not cover the cost of funeral services for a person:
  • If the contributor stops contributing, in which case the care scheme will be cancelled. In the case of cancelled contributions, we have a No Refund Policy.
  • This scheme does not cover the repatriation of the deceased member or whoever is named as a family member back to the UK.
  • Bury the deceased beyond Swansea Mosque allocated cemeteries unless additional costs for this have been agreed to be paid by the bereaved family members.
  • Swansea Mosque shall in no circumstances be liable to the Contributor for any loss, claim or liability of whatever nature caused by the acts or omissions of any third party.

What is the care scheme contribution?

  • Low payment of £20 per month per person
  • Contribution must be up-to-date
  • Contribution is non-transferable
  • Automatically become a member of Swansea Mosque
  • Minimum 200 contributors to make the Scheme viable
  • Scheme fund will be ring-fenced
  •  How to register your interest:
  • Online
  • Forms at Reception Desk