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It is an essential part of Muslim faith that as much as fulfilling the rights of our Creator by worshipping Him, we should also fulfill the rights of our fellow humans by helping them when they are in need. Allah Almighty says in the Qur’an:
“And they give food in spite of love for it to the needy….” (Surah Al-Insaan 76:8)

At Swansea Mosque, we provide a foodbank service, which has been running since January 2015. The main aim of opening our foodbank was simply to help the vulnerable, struggling financially or emergency crisis. We help and support people from all faiths, nationalities and backgrounds.

The foodbank provides service users with pre-packed boxes of necessary food and other items to last up to two weeks. The foodbank is a non-profitable service, which is sustained by volunteers and the good will of the community. We work in partnership with our congregation, local schools, businesses and rely on donations to provide this service.

Important Notice

We envisaged the current pandemic situation would have an impact on our food supplies and may result in limiting what we are able to offer to our customers.

However, we were very fortunate in receiving support from Swansea Council and The Foodshare scheme that we were able to continue our services offering additional items. Thankfully our Foodbank service has and will remain open unaffected . We do still require referrals/vouchers to issue food packages. Alternatively an email from the referring organisation forwarding customers details to arrange collection of packages will suffice.

We will endeavor to keep our partners updated on regular basis.

Voucher obtained from:

  • Family housing association
  • Swansea asylum seekers support group
  • Swansea jobcentre plus
  • local area coordinator
  • Coastal Housing
  • Shelter Cymru
  • Swansea cvs
  • POBL
  • Swansea muslim community service
  • African community centre
  • South wales police
  • Swansea Womens Aid
  • Mathew’s house
  • The wallich
  • Caer las


Summer: 1st April to 31st October - Sundays 1pm - 2pm 

Winter: 1st November to 31st March - Saturdays 1pm - 2pm


Easy Collection Process:

Step 1 – Collect your food voucher from local participating organisations
Step 2 – show your voucher to a foodbank volunteer at Swansea Mosque
Step 3 – Sign and receive your parcel

Donate online through TotalGiving, click the icon below