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According to Islamic law, the deceased should be buried as soon as possible. Prior to a Muslim funeral, the body of the deceased must be washed (Ghusl) and shrouded (Kafan). Before being transported to the mosque, the deceased is wrapped in white sheets.

Due to the necessity of a quick burial, the lead up to a Muslim funeral is short. Family and friends of the deceased will gather to perform Salat al-Janazah (funeral prayers). The Muslim funeral service is led by an Imam and includes readings from the Quran. If you are of a different faith, and attend a Muslim funeral you are encouraged to quietly listen to the readings and prayers.

Following on from a Muslim funeral service, the deceased is taken to the cemetery for burial. The grave should be at right angles to the direction of Mecca, with the deceased placed on their right side facing the Islamic holy city. Wood is placed on top of the body to prevent direct contact between the person and the soil. All mourners will pour handfuls of earth on top of the grave, before it is filled in.

Swansea Mosque working in partnership with Swansea Muslim Funeral Service provides a full funeral and burial service to the community. If you need to access this service, please contact:

Swansea Muslim Funeral Services

Br Layas – 07792 277 208
Br Kabir – 07951 554 849